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How Clinical Laboratories Save Money & Help Physicians Become Patient-Centric

Jeffrey Reid, Tony McCraney – 29 minutes


Join this webinar to learn…

…the current market trends that are impacting clinical laboratories.

…how clinical laboratories can become more competitive in the marketplace.

…ways clinical laboratories can provide high quality test results and reduce overall operating costs via a versatile and fully automated chemistry analyzer

Comparison of Hemoglobin A1c Test Methods in the Clinical Lab

Brooke Medaugh – 29 minutes


Join this webinar to learn…

…What are the common methods of HbA1c detection in use today?

…What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

…How do different methods compare?

…A potential solution for integrating HbA1c testing into your existing lab workflow.

CE Credit - 1 ACCENT

Automation of the Pointe Brand Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Assay for High Throughput use in the Clinical Laboratory

Jeffrey Reid, Dr. Erin Milner – 25 minutes


Join this webinar to learn…

…Epidemiology of G6PD

…Overview of G6PD deficiency

…Different G6PD laboratory tests

…How to automate G6PD screening

…Regulatory considerations

CE Credit - 1 PACE

An Introduction to CLIA Regulations: What You Need to Know and Document

James H. Nichols, PhD – 60 minutes


Join this webinar to learn…

…How to determine what is needed to support the clinical operations

…How to estimate the volume of testing that will be requested

…Instrumentation to support the test menu

…Things to consider in testing platforms:

– QC and calibration frequency?

– How will results be distributed?