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Controls and Calibrators

Clinitox Controls and Calibrators for toxicology testing: Ready-to-use, single-use products with extended shelf life customized for your testing needs

Drug Confirmation Testing

Clinitox Calibrator and Control solutions are formulated to meet your laboratory’s toxicology testing needs. We specialize in optimizing customized calibrators and controls specifically for your drug analyte panel and cut-offs, taking into consideration testing requirements, LC/MS instrumentation and sample matricies. Your custom profile is created and can be edited as your laboratory dictates, or updated as your drug analyte panel and cut-off testing needs change. Gone is the need for you to setup, acquire the materials, blend, dilute and spike into the pilot, and then serially dilute, as this process is both time consuming and costly. Our solution comes as a ready-to-use stock mixture with batch and lot certifications, ensuring our product is delivered at the level of quality your laboratory requires.

Key Highlights

  • Fully customizable to meet the unique needs of individual laboratories, taking into consideration specific testing requirements, LC/MS instrumentation, and sample matricies
  • Ready-to-use, liquid formats that simplify calibration and quality control procedures
  • Traceable and lot managed with extended shelf life
  • Routine to specialty compound cut-offs and multiple panel options


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