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Drug Screening

High Quality Solutions for Drugs of Abuse Screening

In the United States, it is estimated that nearly 100 million people suffer from some form of chronic pain, costing the country as much as $630 billion each year.1 The most common treatment for both acute and chronic pain are prescription opioids. Unfortunately, this treatment plan has led to the upsurge of inappropriate prescribing and usage of these medications, a key contributing factor in fueling the addiction and overdose epidemic.

Three ways we can help improve your drug screening program:

  • Increasing your laboratory’s efficiency and your walkaway time, enabling you to work on other laboratory tasks, by using our highly automated and intuitive toxicology analyzers
  • Saving time on reagent preparation and increasing your productivity and the turnaround time of your test results by utilizing our broad range of ready-to-use, liquid stable reagents
  • Consolidating procurement with a one-stop-shop for all your drug screening needs by using our comprehensive offering of drugs of abuse reagents, calibrators and controls, and scalable toxicology analyzers

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